What does it spiritually mean by a divorce?I will explain its warning symptoms as prognosticates and its influence, the relation with destiny in detail! 

Hello, I’m Miena. This time, I will write an article on the theme of “What does it spiritually mean by a divorce?” Divorce and its spiritual matters There are various connections between divorce and spiritual matters. Because divorce involves many people, including not only you who want a divorce, but also your spouse, children, relatives, and friends. Therefore, your guardian spirits or deities will get deeply engaged in a divorce. miena There are also divorces in which your guardian spirits or deities play no role. It’s a rare case. Unfortunately, I don’t keep statistics. So I am afraid to say that it’s probably about one out of every 20 divorce. I’ll write about it one day. Divorce is a turning point in life Divorce is one of the crucial turning points in your life. This is because it divides people into those who find happiness and those who don’t, furthermore, are even stuck in an unhappy loop for at least a decade. I will explain both later so that you can reflect on your case. The important thing to do before going through a divorce is to spare a thought for it. When the word, divorce has started dancing in […]

Might I be a reincarnation of an angel?There are 11 characteristics of people who were angels in their past lives.

Hello, I’m Miena. This time, I will write about “people who are reincarnations of angels.” Miena This article is aimed at people who are interested in “people who were angels in their past lives.” It contains information and characteristics regarding the reincarnation of angels. I also answer common questions about angels. I hope that it gives you a chance to trust a flash of intuition that might be an angel in your past life and to broaden your knowledge of angels. Might I be a reincarnation of an angel? Q. What do you imagine when you hear “Angel”? You mostly picture the image of angels who are cute babies with tiny wings or majestic woman-like winged beings. So, what exactly is an angel? It is more difficult to define than it seems. In various theistic religious traditions, an angel is a supernatural spiritual being who serves God. Angels are “God’s messengers” in a passage of the Christian Bible, and seem to refer to “those who convey God’s heart to humans and human desires to God.” He takes on the role of a point of contact between Heaven and the human world. The angel that I can see with my […]

Explore the possibility that “God has chosen you”.

Hello, I’m Miena. This time, I will write an article on the theme of “Exploring the possibility that God has chosen you”. Here, “you” refers to the person reading this blog article right now. Generally speaking, when you hear the word “God has chosen you”, you may think, “No, not me, because I am not a great religious figure like Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Moses.”  Unlike this conventional view, I have a rather different opinion which I’ve formed after my spiritual awakening. It is that there are quite a few people whom God has chosen. Because God is not one but would be apprehended as many deities in heaven. It was supported by various psychic readings for my clients. It was just like the Japanese saying goes, “八百万の神, Yaoyorozu(8 million) no Kami” which means multitudinous deities. Therefore, “Being Chosen” by multitudinous deities exists quite a few. (※Hereinafter, “the one God has chosen” will be simply written as “Being Chosen”) miena In this article, I will first give you the definition of “Being Chosen” and its characteristics. Then, I will earnestly explain how to get the full scope of its mission and how to accomplish it in his or her life. […]

Why do people who have high spiritual intelligence experience hardship throughout their life? There are three underlying reasons that no one is ever aware of.

Hello, I’m Miena. Today, I will write about the answer to why people who have high spiritual intelligence have often struggled in their lives. Most people, highly likely including you, might think that such people will be happy. However, many of them in fact have endured conflicted feelings in their lives. In my blog, I often remind you, “In order to be happy, you must increase the capacity to produce higher vibration and frequency.“ Therefore, you might think that’s a contradiction of what Miena always says. Let me explain this point today. miena This article is for those who are interested in spirituality and those who seek personal growth in this way. I will give three convincing reasons why people with high spiritual intelligence have often battled with difficulties than people with lower ones. On top of that, I will also explain the true meaning of developing higher spiritual power. I hope that it might help you to understand the real meaning of facing difficulties in your life. You can have a great clarity in your mind. You might have a baby paradigm shift, “Aha moment”, when you read my conclusion. Why do people with high spiritual intelligence experience hardship? […]