Might I be a reincarnation of an angel?There are 11 characteristics of people who were angels in their past lives.

  • December 3, 2023
  • December 3, 2023
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Hello, I’m Miena.

This time, I will write about “people who are reincarnations of angels.”

This article is aimed at people who are interested in “people who were angels in their past lives.” It contains information and characteristics regarding the reincarnation of angels. I also answer common questions about angels. I hope that it gives you a chance to trust a flash of intuition that might be an angel in your past life and to broaden your knowledge of angels.

Might I be a reincarnation of an angel?

Q. What do you imagine when you hear “Angel”?

You mostly picture the image of angels who are cute babies with tiny wings or majestic woman-like winged beings.

So, what exactly is an angel? It is more difficult to define than it seems.

In various theistic religious traditions, an angel is a supernatural spiritual being who serves God.


Angels are “God’s messengers” in a passage of the Christian Bible, and seem to refer to “those who convey God’s heart to humans and human desires to God.” He takes on the role of a point of contact between Heaven and the human world.

The angel that I can see with my psychic vision.

The angel through my psychic reading does not have wings but takes on the bodily form of a young person wearing a white robe. He or she has smooth skin like a glowing divine.

Also, in my psychic vision, “angels” work not only as messengers but also as members to protect the order of Heaven. So, their job description is expansive, for example, protecting heaven, accepting visitors and guiding them to God, maintaining the vibrations of heaven (sorting, tidying up and organizing), and investigating whether there are any abnormalities and problems in Heaven, etc. I feel that God is served by a great deal of angels.

What are the characteristics of “Angel”?

The most important characteristic of “angels” is that they are working their way up the career ladder to become “archangels” which is one of the angels of higher rank and eventually become even a greater one. 

In other words, they are in training to become the closest being to God.

11 characteristics of people who are “reincarnations of angels”

There are a few people who were angels in their past lives in this world. Through my psychic reading sessions, I met only 4 to 6 people out of about 1000 people who have their past lives as angels.

These numbers show that such people are relatively rare in Japan as a whole.

So, what kind of  “rare” characteristics do people who exist distinctly rare in this world? 

I have listed below.

▼Characteristics of “people whose previous lives were angels”

  1. They are endlessly kind to people
  2. When they encounter a severe difficulty in their life, someone always helps them.
  3. There are people surround them who strongly support them.
  4. Animals and plants love them.
  5. Even if they are in solitude, they aren’t overwhelmed with loneliness.
  6. When they were young, they had trouble fitting in with other people.
  7. They like spirituality.
  8. They are not filled with even a slice of hate for people. 
  9. They always manifest their ideal, saying, “This is what I wish to be.”
  10. They are bubbling with a flicker of excitement in daily mundane life.
  11. They love others as much as they love themself.

The above are the characteristics of “people whose previous lives were angels”. You might notice that they are similar to that of a fairy, but that of an angel is stronger in characteristics ② and ⑪ than that of a fairy. 

People whose past lives were fairies can receive a lot of energy from nature. On the other hand, people who were angels in their past lives can generate energy within like spinning energy from their hearts.

Also, “people who were angels” have struggled with relationships and establishing their own identity because they are not used to the vibrations of the earth at the beginning of their lives. However, they gradually grow their souls and shine their great brilliance which they originally had. In that sense, I could say that most of them are late bloomers.

Angels incarnate on Earth to get used to lower vibrations.

While we might have a broad conceptualization of “an angel who incarnates on Earth to save the Earth, such as a soul who has a strong responsibility to save the Earth”,  most of them came to the Earth for training on Earth, like on-the-job training.

In Heaven where angels live, there are only spiritual beings with high vibrations. Therefore, “angels” are vulnerable to low vibrations.

In the job description of angels in Heaven, where only celestial beings with high vibration inhabit, angels as intermediaries between Heaven and humanity are strongly required for the sustainability of lower vibrations on Earth. Without training on the earth, “angels” remain weak to low vibrations and it prevents them from fulfilling the tasks which God gave them. 

For instance, angels who are guards for heaven will be the first contact with visitors with low vibrations. They cannot deal with visitors unless they have a tolerance for lower vibrations.

In addition, angels are also counsellors for lost souls who have just entered Heaven. These lost souls remain resonating lower vibrations of the Earth. In order to understand and guide them, Angels who work as counsellors need to be on the same wavelength.

Disadvantages of being a “reincarnation of an angel”

Basically, “people who were angels” tend to live happily because, as I mentioned in their characteristics, they are surrounded by supporters.

However, those who were high-ranked angels may receive hard training, and live a difficult life. Because they need to grow their souls rapidly and to a great extent.

In addition, if “angels incarnated to the earth” negatively drop their vibration to a great extent, they become “fallen angels.”

Angels are benevolent celestial intermediaries and were born vulnerable to negative vibrations of their own. Therefore, once they fall into the dark side, it is difficult to return. Moreover, if they degrade into “fallen angels”, the divine punishment will be executed to expel them from Heaven. In the end, they work for devils. So, they will be like Shakespeare’s great tragic heroes.

Therefore, their guardian spirits actively put an eye on “people who were angels” unless they make a mess at a turning point in life. The guardian spirits save angels just before flipping their world upside down so that they do not become “fallen angels.”

In conclusion, “angels incarnated on earth” may seem like lucky people who have strong guardians, however, this is because they are like double-edged swords to entail high risks of becoming “fallen angels” who are expelled from heaven.

Questions from readers regarding “Angel”

Here, I would like to answer your questions regarding “Angel.”

Q. If there are angels, are there also people who are “reincarnations of demons”?

Anonymous asked me a question, which is 

“If some people were angels in their past lives, is it possible that there are cases of devils, demons, a powerful evil force, black magicians or Satan? If this would be possible, why do they incarnate on the earth as human beings?

Thank you, Anonymous.

Miena First of all, I would like to clarify my stance on this spiritual blog. I won’t affirm any spiritual beings that I have never actually seen or felt despite their existence in myth. Therefore, I will answer this question based on my experience.

I have seen “devils” and “demons” as spiritual bodies.

* Regarding demons, I also wrote in the article, “Characteristics of people who are liked by fairies based on my opinions after travelling to England(Japanese only)”.

“Devil” resonates low vibrations, yet he acts like a gentleman and his manner is coolly polite. Some demons I met have high vibrations.

They convince me that the recent conceptualization of evil demons is based on old folklore. Except for devils and demons, I have never met or seen them, so I cannot answer your questions. 

On top of that, I will answer your question, “Are there “devils” or “demons” who reincarnated on the earth as humans?

I cannot deny the existence of re-incarnated demons who resonate high vibrations and aspire to reincarnate as humans. 

Because they have good hearts and similar ways of thinking to humans. Yet, I have never seen such demons.

However, I will say ”No” to the existence of “devils” who reincarnated as humans.

I will provide you with three pieces of supportive, persuasive evidence. 

Firstly, “devils” are beings who have given up on growing their souls to be closer to God.

Secondly, devils can possess human beings and manipulate them in what they want.  

Thirdly, they enjoy their freedom in their world. 

There is no benefit for them to reincarnate on the earth like a human who has the same consciousness as God. In a nutshell, they don’t want any training as other humans are doing on the earth.  

Q. Are angels born as angels from the beginning of their reincarnation path? 

Kei asked me a question, which is 

“If they were angels in previous lives and reincarnated as humans on Earth for training, their souls were already born as an angel in their first life?

“Or do they have old souls who have reincarnated repeatedly and finally become an angel? Or are both possible?

Thank you, Kei.

I don’t think nobody was born with an angel’s soul in the first life cycle. I believe that becoming an angel needs enormous amounts of reincarnations in order to acquire high angelic qualities. 

The higher the angelic qualities are, the more often they can interact with celestial beings including deities. Then, naturally, the chance will arrive to become an angel. 

*I am not sure about either headhunting or applying. 

Here, I will list the angelic qualities to satisfy your curiosities. 

  1. Absolute loyalty to celestial beings and deities who live in Heaven  
  2. Acknowledgement of the laws of the universe
  3. Resonating higher energy and frequency
  4. Deep insight through their heart which is hardly distracted by reality
  5. A broad heart that does not hate others

In my point of view, the most difficult one is ① “Absolute loyalty to celestial beings and deities who live in Heaven”. Because they not only help and support human beings but also sometimes give humans hardship for certain reasons. Most souls are so frustrated that they give up. However, candidates for angels pledge loyalty to them. No matter how much you are given to suffer, if you express your loyalty from the bottom of your heart to God, I believe you will become an angel one day.

The angelic qualities from ② to ⑤ are also difficult to acquire, but the reason I placed high importance on ① is that loyalty is not something that you can always have when you reach to resonate high energy vibrations. 

Q. Are there any celestial beings on a higher level than angels?

Miwa-san asked me a question, which is 

“What kind of celestial beings would be at a higher level than angels?

Thank you, Miwa-san.

Heaven has a class society similar to human society.

*However, I cannot deeply see the hierarchy of heaven in a psychic vision. 

I can imagine the class society in heaven as similar to one in human society, such as the one in the corporate world, ”normal employees”, “managers” and “general managers”. I also believe that institutions are divided according to their roles, similar to ministries in our world.

According to the Bible, there are different types of angels which surround God. It ranked these beings in terms of importance in the hierarchy of Heaven. It described four beings.

People who don’t have angelic souls but carry out the orders of Heaven.

For the reincarnated angels on earth, their entire life is training to grow their souls. 

However, some of them can complete their training earlier. These qualified angelic souls voluntarily establish specific goals as their mission. They aim to grow further to evolve their souls to resonate higher energetic vibrations. 

Among these qualified angelic souls, the higher vibrations they resonate, the greater awareness they foster in social activities. They carry out with their own will.

On the other hand, there are people who engage in social activities with orders from Heaven, even if they don’t have angelic souls.

Such people can be divided into two types. The first type is that acts unconsciously without receiving voices from heaven. The second type is that acts consciously while receiving the voice from heaven.

Reference: Explore the possibility that “God has chosen you”.

Such people can be divided into two types. The first one is that acts unconsciously without receiving voices from heaven. The second one is that acts consciously while receiving the voice from heaven.

Reference: Explore the possibility that “God has chosen you”.

The first group of people don’t even know that they act according to the will of God. Yet, they unconsciously go ahead with God’s plan so that they grow and evolve their souls.

It sounds mystic, isn’t it? 

Furthermore, God’s plan is mysterious and enormously big and millions of people are intricately connected to it in various ways. I would like to say, in the end, that not only do angels have a deep relationship with God, but also you play a role in a loose plot thread of the marvellous fabric of God’s creation.