Explore the possibility that “God has chosen you”.

  • November 20, 2023
  • November 20, 2023
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Hello, I’m Miena.

This time, I will write an article on the theme of “Exploring the possibility that God has chosen you”. Here, “you” refers to the person reading this blog article right now.

Generally speaking, when you hear the word “God has chosen you”, you may think, “No, not me, because I am not a great religious figure like Jesus Christ, Buddha, and Moses.” 

Unlike this conventional view, I have a rather different opinion which I’ve formed after my spiritual awakening. It is that there are quite a few people whom God has chosen.

Because God is not one but would be apprehended as many deities in heaven. It was supported by various psychic readings for my clients. It was just like the Japanese saying goes, “八百万の神, Yaoyorozu(8 million) no Kami” which means multitudinous deities.

Therefore, “Being Chosen” by multitudinous deities exists quite a few. (※Hereinafter, “the one God has chosen” will be simply written as “Being Chosen”)

In this article, I will first give you the definition of “Being Chosen” and its characteristics. Then, I will earnestly explain how to get the full scope of its mission and how to accomplish it in his or her life.

The definition of “Being Chosen”

“Being Chosen” is the person who is destined to guide humanity in the right direction with God’s support.

They are “destined”, all of “Being Chosen” does not necessarily guide humanity.

Therefore, these include those who have not yet taken action and those who have not accomplished their missions. I will explain those later. 

In other words, “Being Chosen“ is the people who were born with their spiritual mission to give humanity a profound influence. Their spiritual missions transcend the cycle of life and death which is subject to the law of nature.

What is the cycle of life and death?

The majority of people live the following rough cycle. 

  1. They were born to their parents.
  2. They go to school.
  3. They get jobs.
  4. They got married.
  5. They have children.
  6. They raise their children.
  7. They approach their death.
  8. They die.   

If you believe in reincarnation, then after your death which is the 8th place, you will return to the first place. You will be born to “the next set of parents”.

In a nutshell, you repeat steps from the first to the 8th. Through this repetition, we grow our souls, procreate and nurture our children, and pass on the baton of life to the next generation.

Born → Bear and raise children → Die → Reborn →…

This cycle can apply to all creatures. It’s not just for humans.

Therefore, I mentioned the above “the cycle of life and death which is subject to the law of nature”.

I will give you supportive facts below for my assertion that “Being Chosen” transcends this cycle of life and death.

Born → Accomplish the mission they were born with → die → be reborn →…

You will see, instead of “bear and raise children” which seems to be the fundamental process of life, “Accomplish the mission they were born with”. 

“Being Chosen” puts a higher priority on completing his or her spiritual mission than “bear and raise children”.

What kind of mission can have higher priority than own children?  

Broadly speaking, it is “contributing to the growth of the soul of humanity as a whole”.

There are various contributions to “the growth of the soul of humanity as a whole”.

For instance, 

  • to protect environment
  • to reform the old political structure
  • to promote sports
  • to combat widespread famine
  • to create great films
  • to write a book that is said to be a masterpiece

Now you can have a clearer definition of “Being Chosen”.  They give up their normal life and devote themself to accomplishing their spiritual mission. This is my definition of “Being Chosen”.

Characteristics of “Being Chosen”

I will list the characteristics of “The Chosen One”.

  • They resonate high vibration. 
  • They can sometimes give themselves an objective perspective that they are one of a kind.
  • They have lived a life full of ups and downs.
  • They don’t seek a “stable and normal” life. On the contrary, they will choose the difficult path.
  • They simply can’t lie. 
  • They are interested in spirituality and they believe in spiritual beings.
  • They can risk their life to fulfil their responsibilities.

If you fit into the above characteristics, you are the one who carry out your mission with God’s support now or in the future.

Is there any other way to know whether or not I am the “Being Chosen”? 

Yes, it is a good question. I will tell you a secret. I was given the opportunity to know who is “Being Chosen”. When I do a psychic reading for “Being Chosen”, his or her guardian God voluntarily emerges. 

Guardian deities for “Being Chosen” are often enshrined in Shrines in Japan, where my clients and I live. 

Guardian God tries to advise “Being Chosen” whom they protect through me.

On the contrary, when a “Not Being Chosen” asks for God’s advice, I have to ask God for a favour to come, while God actively come to me and gives advice for a “Being Chosen”.

Also, there is a high possibility that you are the “Being Chosen” if you have saved your life in a miraculous way, or if you have endured undue hardships even though you try to live honestly and sincerely. 

Who decides the mission for “Being Chosen”?

The mission is often destined when you are born.

In the case of a friend of mine, who has healing power, his mission is to develop, organize, and train successors in chiropractic techniques that promote natural healing power.

In addition, he possesses chiropractic techniques that have not been scientifically proven and has undertaken the mission to pass on this healing power to the next generation unless it does not die out.

Each soul mission is incredibly unique and most of the soul missions are specific to each person’s unique talents. Sometimes people with the same soul mission work together to accomplish it.

“Being Chosen” must not abandon his or her mission.

A “Being Chosen” has strong support from God. Thanks to it, the life of “Being Chosen” somehow comes good, even if he chooses the difficult path.

Therefore, some “Being Chosen” are wealthy and some are born with silver spoons. 

In the first place, the reason why they have strong support from God is that they were born to accomplish their mission. Therefore, if they abandon their mission, support from God will vanish into thin air. They can not resonate high vibrations because they drop significantly.

If “Being Chosen” is wealthy, he or she might lose his or her assets.

A spiritual mission is more meaningful than one’s own life and has higher priority than ensuring the survival of one’s descendants (bearing and raising children). 

It is safe to say that it is eventually your downfall, if you abandon your mission because of focusing on raising only your children, or of using vested interests only of yourself or your family.

Some wealthy “Being Chosen” are given money in order to complete their mission.

For example, “Being Chosen” whose mission is to combat widespread famine must use money for this purpose, such as building schools to teach agriculture in developing countries.

By the way, one of my acquaintances fits in this case. He is the one who is wealthy among “Being Chosen” and is good with his money to utilize discount tickets while he earns tens of millions by trading virtual currency.

They will be in big trouble if they spend money on their own desires. 

“Being Chosen” will go through life facing constant intense suffering as a kind of training.

I will repeat to you that the “Being Chosen” is far from a smooth sail.

They are likely to be exhausted from the constant friction between themselves and society. Because they are unconsciously afraid of degrading their energy and vibration which are much higher than the people who settle in a stable life.  

They are unconsciously so afraid of doing bad things. Because doing bad things immediately spoils their high energy and vibration. 

Therefore, no matter how difficult the situation is, they do a head-on battle which seems a really bad idea from observers’ point of view.

Now you can portray “Being Chosen” as “quite a character” or “odd” in society in some way. He or she cannot abandon his or her spiritual mission, and cannot spoil his or her vibration.   

I believe that a real portrait of “Being Chosen” is radically different from the illusion those who want to be the “Being Chosen” create. It can be said that they put themselves in the most challenging position. It is intense. But within this intensity lies the power to grow their souls and be able to help others. Eventually, they will complete their spiritual mission.

How to become the “Being Chosen”

If you have carefully read this article up to this point with interest, you probably realise that “Being Chosen” is NOT, so to speak, “happy people”, but rather humble people who keep challenging even if nothing comes out of it and they won’t even back down from confrontation either. 

Therefore, it is fairly strange to say that you want to be one.

Yet, there are some ways. 

  • Let’s buy and read a book to gather information! If you feel like you lack knowledge of spirituality. It helps you to develop your spiritual side. Your growth can catch the eyes of God to choose you for a spiritual mission.
  • Let’s play sports to raise your energy and vibrations! Yoga and meditation are recommended. 
  • It stirs up stagnant energy in your body and exhales it with breathing. It creates room for new energy and vibrations you will receive and resonate.  
  • Let’s try new things!It celebrates your curiosity, your flexibility, and your inventiveness. It will open up a new vista. 
  • Let’s value honesty and integrity! You must be honest with yourself first. It motivates your mind to be true to those around you. 

Let’s get to know who you are! 

It may not be easy and take time. Observing yourself objectively may help to know who you are. You could ask your close friends or family members. Or you can try a psychology test. 

If you want to go deeper, book a private psychic reading with me. 

In conclusion, if you sustain the growth of your soul and maintain your vibration and energy high, the time will be ripe. 

When the time is ripe, you will receive your spiritual mission. It is meaningful and necessary to the world. Your deep sensitivity to paradoxes in the world will indicate where you should start your own battle to complete it as a “Being Chosen”. Good Luck!