Why do people who have high spiritual intelligence experience hardship throughout their life? There are three underlying reasons that no one is ever aware of.

  • October 10, 2023
  • October 25, 2023
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Hello, I’m Miena.

Today, I will write about the answer to why people who have high spiritual intelligence have often struggled in their lives.

Most people, highly likely including you, might think that such people will be happy. However, many of them in fact have endured conflicted feelings in their lives.

In my blog, I often remind you, “In order to be happy, you must increase the capacity to produce higher vibration and frequency.“ Therefore, you might think that’s a contradiction of what Miena always says. Let me explain this point today.

This article is for those who are interested in spirituality and those who seek personal growth in this way. I will give three convincing reasons why people with high spiritual intelligence have often battled with difficulties than people with lower ones. On top of that, I will also explain the true meaning of developing higher spiritual power.

I hope that it might help you to understand the real meaning of facing difficulties in your life. You can have a great clarity in your mind.

You might have a baby paradigm shift, “Aha moment”, when you read my conclusion.

Why do people with high spiritual intelligence experience hardship?

First of all, let me give you a definition of highly spiritual intelligence as having a high level of soul and vibration, plus a reasonably objective recognition of who they are and clear thoughts and ideas in their minds.

In other words, they are people who are good at having a high level of sensibility and logical thinking that rise above what the material world has to offer and they are able to consciously or unconsciously balance the two. High ethical standards are also vital.

High spiritual quality = high level of soul + high vibration frequency + recognition of who you are + clear thoughts and ideas in your mind

Such people often have a lot of trouble in their lives.

What on earth do such people struggle with even though they have high spiritual intelligence?

Here are three underlying reasons.

  1. Deities in heaven demand that person to grow rapidly.
  2. The person only has a high spiritual state, but he or she is not fulfilling their mission.
  3. The person has greater spiritual power than he or she can control it. He or she is forced to become a good person before using his or her great power.

Let me explain one by one.

People whose spiritual intelligence (vibration) is too low will not receive divine justice. This is because the jurisdiction is not in heaven. Therefore, if they receive divine punishment, it means that beings in heaven such as deities, angels and high souls put an eye on those who have potential. Because they have room for growth.

Reason① : Deities in heaven demand that person to grow rapidly.  

No matter how high that person’s spiritual level is, it is meaningless if he or she doesn’t serve humanity.

Deities won’t positively evaluate you just because you have a “high spiritual quality.” 
You must possess an outstanding ability to harness your unique talent to serve humanity. If you have a high spiritual intelligence, but not enough to serve humanity, deities in heaven give you hardships to develop your ability which allows you to serve humanity with your unique talent.

A person with high spiritual quality ≠ a person who has great ability to serve humanity

In a nutshell, deities in heaven judge that you are deficient in performance to serve society.

Furthermore, potential people are expected to serve humanity while they are still alive. So, those who are older are expected to grow extremely quickly.

In this case, the troubles you suffer from will be desperate. You must acquire extraordinary ability as quickly as possible.

Reason② : The person only has high spiritual intelligence, but he or she is not fulfilling their mission.

It is wonderful that you enhance a high spiritual intelligence. However, if you don’t have psychic power, you cannot directly receive a message from deities in heaven. In most cases, people cannot carry out their mission, even if they are highly ready to serve humanity.

High spiritual quality ≠ ability to receive messages from deities in heaven

No matter how high their spiritual powers are, there is a possibility that they won’t be aware of their great abilities and unique talents as well as missions.

There is another case. Even if people are fully aware of their remarkable abilities, special talents and missions, some people are unable to pursue their missions due to various adverse circumstances.

For example, there is a doctor whose mission is to cure humanity with naturopathy to the world. However, he encounters enormous difficulties, such as the bitter opposition of the medical association against his mission, or of his family against his decision to leave the medical association and start naturopathy. These big hurdles have him decide to abandon his mission.

In such a case, he will receive divine punishment and will have a much more hard time later in life.

Reason③ : The person has greater power than he or she can control it. The person is forced to become a good person before using his or her great power.

A few people have extraordinary abilities as well as special talents. These people must have a great responsibility in using the gifts of their innate power. If not, it would be a big problem for both human society and the heavenly world when they abuse it.

For this reason, deities in heaven cause hardship for them to develop their personalities to do good things for humanity, and not to use their power in the wrong direction, such as becoming arrogant after becoming rich.

High spiritual intelligence ≠ There is no vice in personality

If there is even a little bit of “evil“ in human nature, there is a possibility that great ability and talent will be misused. Therefore, even if a person has a pleasant personality, if there is just a little bit of “evil“ in their mind and heart, Deities will give them hardships.

What does it mean to heighten spiritual intelligence?

You may think, “I can’t find any point in achieving a higher level in my spirituality. Because even if I have reached a high level of spirituality after overcoming difficulties, I might keep struggling in my future life.“

However, deities in heaven said that it is NOT true.

Even if they experience the same hardships in the future, they are able to face difficulties with different perspectives.

Let’s imagine the case their beloved husbands pass away!

○People with lower spiritual intelligence think, ”My life is over. What should I do now…”

◎People with higher spiritual intelligence think: “The soul is infinite. I can meet him whenever I want to meet him.”

Even when faced with the same level of dreadful hardships, people with higher spiritual intelligence can survive and recover much faster. Because they have grown strength and flexibility in their mind.

However, even if they have reached a higher level of spirituality, they will struggle in their life. It is like training to run faster. Once you can run the fastest in your town, your coach starts to train you harder in order to win the competition in a much bigger city, like Tokyo.

They are looking at the world from a different perspective than others.
Therefore, if you feel that your hardships do not diminish even as your spiritual strength increases, please notice that you are finding it difficult to feel that your hardships are hardships.
That is proof that your spiritual intelligence has risen above the level of other people.

That is proof that your spiritual character has risen above the level of other people.

At this level, the comparison of your happiness to others doesn’t make sense for you anymore. Focus on your personal growth neither the level of hardships nor happiness. You need to pass a bigger hurdle in order to grow more.

Trust yourself having your high tolerance and abilities. Then your secret mission and unique talent will be revealed before you. Be responsible for the ability and talent of your innate power. Let’s carry out your mission as soon as possible. Time is finite in our three-dimensional world.