What does it spiritually mean by a divorce?I will explain its warning symptoms as prognosticates and its influence, the relation with destiny in detail! 

  • January 16, 2024
  • January 16, 2024
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Hello, I’m Miena.

This time, I will write an article on the theme of “What does it spiritually mean by a divorce?”


Divorce and its spiritual matters

There are various connections between divorce and spiritual matters. Because divorce involves many people, including not only you who want a divorce, but also your spouse, children, relatives, and friends.

Therefore, your guardian spirits or deities will get deeply engaged in a divorce.

There are also divorces in which your guardian spirits or deities play no role. It’s a rare case. Unfortunately, I don’t keep statistics. So I am afraid to say that it’s probably about one out of every 20 divorce. I’ll write about it one day.

Divorce is a turning point in life

Divorce is one of the crucial turning points in your life. This is because it divides people into those who find happiness and those who don’t, furthermore, are even stuck in an unhappy loop for at least a decade. I will explain both later so that you can reflect on your case.

The important thing to do before going through a divorce is to spare a thought for it.

When the word, divorce has started dancing in your head, the most important thing is to write down your emotions in red and thoughts in blue in your diary. The result can tell how you are visually and objectively.

You have reached a fork in the road in life. There, you must have a steady head and be empowered to see yourself objectively in order to find the truth within you. The emotional decision will not bring any fruit to the verge of your marriage. 

Don’t look at only one way to the divorce, you must see through another optional way to stay in your marriage, even if it is covered with a thick fog of bitter hatred. If you have been reacting emotionally to various opinions, often conflicting, of those around you in a real-life drama, a delicate negotiation with your current partner would often momentarily stop with overwhelming emotion and delusions after divorce (if you were having an affair), and those unnecessary stops would lead to failure. 

What does it spiritually mean by a divorce?

Once you have a fleeting thought of “I will divorce!” or “I want to divorce”, a considerable shift has taken place deep within you. There, a true self is giving these screams for divorce in order to make you awake in a different sense of values. At this time, your soul is ready to take off for your quest to find true freedom. 

▼7 transformations  in the soul when considering divorce

I provide you with warning symptoms of subtle shifts in your soul in awareness of divorce.

  1. I want to be honest with my soul.
  2. I will seek to fulfil my soul as well as my heart than material desires
  3. I urge you to change the environment where I have reached the upper limit of soul growth in vibration.
  4. I am aware of the thirst of love.
  5. I set a high value on living in the moment
  6. I acknowledge having been at fault and learn from my past mistakes without feeling guilt.
  7. I wake up to the fact how small I am and it opens my heart.

Your soul has already undergone those above seven transmissions. I will explain one by one.

①”I want to be honest with my soul.” 

Divorce cuts the emotional bond between you and your partner. As a result, it gives you inner liberty. On the other hand, you must take various risks in which you lose what you have built till now.

As I mentioned earlier, a subtle change has been waking you to find your truth, which you were not aware of in the past. Your soul knows that your truth outweighs the risks. It requires strength and courage to be honest with your true self in order to accept the risks. 

Strangely, through my psychic reading, a true self looks like wrinkles on the surface of the heart which looks like a soft coral. It may have an ornate and intricate surface texture featuring patterns, bumps, or ridges. The true self has a flexible, fleshy appearance.

②I will seek to fulfil my soul as well as my heart than material desires

Sometimes people satisfy their material desire to keep a financially stable life even if they go so far as to lie to themselves.

  • I don’t want to do this job, but it pays me more. Why not? I’ll take it.
  • I don’t like him, but he’s rich. Why not? I will get along with him.
  • It’s not the right thing to do, but…it’s profitable, Why not? I will try it.

As mentioned above, people take a different path than their heart desire in order to fulfil material desires with excuses for living. 

However, people who are aware of divorce are ready to take the right path which fits their heart and put greater value on humanity than the material world. They change in values and it allows them to make a big step towards further growth of their soul. 

③I urge you to change the environment where I have reached the upper limit of soul growth in vibration.

When a married couple doesn’t have a good relationship, they don’t have the same wavelength within them. It no longer creates a stimulating environment for them to grow their souls. Therefore, your soul strongly urges you to leave your partner and expand your limitations to grow. 

When you want to get divorced, it’s because your soul is asking for a new life and environment which pushes you above the limit of your soul vibrations. 

④I am aware of “seeking true love” and “lack of sparkling, romantic feeling”

No matter how kind your partner is to you, if there is no sparkling romantic feeling, your heart will not be fulfilled with his kindness. A relationship with a couple of personas won’t satisfy your true self deep within.

If you have no particular reason to dislike your partner, but you feel the urge to divorce. It is high time to sense an unquenchable thirst for true love and say goodbye to a married couple like a pie in the sky.

⑤I set a high value on living in the present. 

Most people don’t live today, but in an extension of yesterday.

Because the human brain attempts to save energy for survival. If it recognises today as the continuation of yesterday, it won’t spend energy on completing an old day which is yesterday and preparing for a new day which is today. 

However, those who have decided to divorce have a different mindset to finish the past and be able to shift fully focus onto now. Therefore, they consciously live in the present.

⑥I acknowledge having been at fault and learn from my past mistakes without feeling guilt.

If you are satisfied with your current marriage, you will not think about divorce. But the fact is that it doesn’t live up to your satisfaction. Moreover, the fact is that you chose your current partner in the past. 

Nobody who decides to divorce denies these obvious facts, except those who have been forced into political marriages. They acknowledge their past. The acceptance will be a trigger to reflect on whether or not they made mistakes in the past.

People can learn more from mistakes. The golden opportunity came to you as divorce.  You can learn from your patterns to find partners and your unhealthy behaviours to them in the past, and then you reset what is true value for love.

After you learn, you don’t need to feel guilty. Because divorce is just a cycle of try and error. Evolution proceeds by a series of these cycles.

⑦I wake up to the fact how small I am and it opens my heart.

Once you go through divorce, you will experience social isolation. Because you broke bonds between people who celebrated your marriage in the past.

However, if you stand in splendid isolation on a cliff edge and look around. It would be crystal clear that there is nobody around, but you. You must be extremely careful to stand still with your own feet on the edge. It will develop conscious awareness to trust yourself. You must get out of this critical situation depending on yourself. You can use your hands to crawl instead of holding a partner’s hand which is not available for you anymore. 

The moment you are crawling on the cliff, you realise how small you are and how hard the situation is. But even these small hands make you safe. Once you experience it, you become stronger. 

What are the warning symptoms as a prognosticate of divorce? 

There are warning symptoms and phenomena if destiny brings you to divorce. 

Those symptoms and phenomena are already happening that would shape your destined divorce by your guardian spirits or deities. The destined divorce could highly likely bring a new positive life.  

▼7 signs of destined divorce

  1. I have no idea what my partner is thinking.
  2. My children have no interest in their parents’ quarrels and even wear pokerfaces when they see them.
  3. I feel like my partner has a soulmate other than me.
  4. My partner complains to our children behind my back. 
  5. When I see young people who are single, I envy them.
  6. I feelI have a soulmate other than my partner.
  7. I am overwhelmed with stress when I just think about my partner, but I can’t stop thinking about him.

If you sense more than half of the above, you are nudged toward the destined divorce. I will explain one by one in detail.

①I have no idea what my partner is thinking.

“When I got married, you understand what my partner was thinking, but now I have no idea.” Have you experienced the following? 

▼At the beginning of marriage…

Hey Love, please take that one!
OK, Darling, Here it is.

I know what he wants even without mentioning the details.

▼ ○ years later…

Hey, take that!
What is “that”?

This is evidence that there is a difference in the height of vibrations between husband and wife.

If husband and wife fail to fill in this gap, their relationship would go worse. Because the closer the wavelength of vibrations a married couple have, the easier their minds synchronise. On the contrary, the bigger difference in vibrations they have, the larger difference in the values and direction of life they have.

②My children have no interest in their parents’ quarrels and even wear pokerfaces when they see it.

Have you ever had a quarrel with your partner and has your child seen it? If you have, think about your child’s face.

If he or she looks sad, anxious or angry, then destiny doesn’t await for divorce.

In this case, I recommend reconsidering divorce. I’m sure that your guardian, God, Goddess and Deities also want so.

On the other hand, if your child sees a quarrel, he or she wears a poker face. It shows that destiny awaits for divorce. 

③I feel like my partner has a soulmate other than me.

If you have thought that someone else somewhere in this world might be my partner’s soulmate. “Will my partner be happier after we divorce and find another partner?” These will be warning symptoms of destined divorce..

Because you are unconsciously connecting to your higher self when you think of your partner’s soulmate. Therefore  this intuition is trustworthy.

④My partner complains to our children about me behind my back.

A family is a community where each person joins hands and helps each other to build trust. The act of complaining behind each other’s back breaks this bond, even complaining in front of their children destroys trust between them.

So, if this behaviour happens, their bond and trust have already been destroyed too extended to repair.

In this case, it is important how old the children are. If children are small, their relationship has been seriously broken. If the children are older, they still have a room to repair their relationship. Also, it is more difficult to recover when a woman (wife) tells a child than a man (husband).

⑤When I see young people who are single, you are green with envy.

When you see young single people, their freedoms in romance inspire envy in you.

It is a warning sign that a destined divorce awaits you.

Because this envy is intertwined with the passion you arouse. Now your heart is awakening to romantic love. You try to fill your awakened heart with strong emotions that don’t go away easily. Surely, you can hardly suppress it.

In this state, you refresh your past memory when you were an innocent girl. It sounds beautiful, but it is rather naive and immature. Therefore, you tend to place a higher value on passionate love than marital rules. It is easy to dislike your partner who does not satisfy your awakened heart.

This sudden arousing passion is more likely to occur in people who are either beautiful or rich.

This is a sign of destined divorce, and you are also asked for growth of your heart by your guardian, God, Goddess and Deities. As a result, you tend to face hardship. Because you need to acknowledge your pattern of love and learn how to control your heart without emotions.  

If you divorce in this case, even if it is destined divorce, unlike other cases, you will not be happy afterwards. Because spiritual beings provide you with a chance to reflect on and be aware of your immatureness.

⑥I feel I have a destined partner other than my partner.

If you are thinking, “I wonder whether or not I will get married to the wrong partner.” or “I have a soulmate somewhere in the world and he or she is waiting for the moment to meet me.”, those phenomena occur in the process of a destined divorce. 

In this case, they highly likely have a destined partner waiting for them in the future.

However, people who fit the symptom ⑤ above might just run for romance. 

⑦I am overwhelmed with stress when I just think about my partner, but I can’t stop thinking about him.

It may be a sign of divorce.

No matter how much you try to see his or her positive side, you can’t naturally love him or her. On the other hand, you get nervous and are overwhelmed with stress. 

These can be phenomena of a destined divorce. 

Because your conscious mind and unconscious mind are mismatched. If you don’t love your partner unconsciously, you can’t love him or her anymore, even you see him or her from a different perspective. 

In such cases, I recommend that you should change your mindset focused on divorce as soon as possible.

This is NOT warning signs of divorce! What happens for a married couple who has the possibility of overcoming the crisis of divorce?

This time we raised our objective point of view to another path, which is the way to remain in our marriage. Don’t forget we are in front of a fork in the road in life.

This is not a sign of divorce! What will happen to the couples who have a chance to smoothly handle and maintain their relationships? 

Even if you feel like you want a divorce, you could temporarily embrace the illusion of the divorce. Please check the following list whether or not you fit any warning symptom NOT to go through a divorce. It is not a high time for it. 

  1. “What will happen to us after our children leave for their independent lives?” I am not confident to live only with my husband or wife.
  2. I suspect whether my husband or wife is cheating on me.
  3. I’m tired of devoting myself to my husband or wife.

These three warning symptoms seem like a divorce, but they are NOT. They appear that your relationship in your marriage could be handled and remained by reconsidering the raison d’etre of your partner. If you take another way to the remainder of your marriage, you will be happy. It is to change your mindset of the reason why your partner exists with you. 

I’ll write about how to change these feelings in warning symptoms I listed above in a separate article someday. If you are interested, please leave a message in the comments section of this article.

[Self-diagnosis] Are you a person who becomes happier after divorce?

As I mentioned before, divorcing consumes a lot of energy mentally and physically, not only yours but also your surroundings. 

Even though you made a decision and went through the divorce process. However, you might be happier or even worse than before the divorce when all your efforts show some results. This will be determined by whether or not the divorce was destined.

You can self-diagnose below.

Characteristics of people who become happier after divorce

  1. When you were single, you felt rushed to get married.
  2. Your parenting was easier. (if you compare it to the one of other parents)
  3. You chose your marriage partner with social status.
  4. Your children don’t seem to feel stressed after saying that their parents are divorcing.
  5. You have a clear vision after divorce.
  6. You don’t feel like having a new partner as soon as after divorce.
  7. I am overwhelmed with stress when I just think about my partner, but I can’t stop thinking about him.
  8. You can find a lawyer easier and quicker.
  9. You realise you may have made a mistake in choosing my partner and in a relationship.

If you fit many of the above, you are the one who will be happier after divorce. 

As a psychic who has consulted more than 1000 people, I will emphasise item no 1.

In this case, there is a possibility that you didn’t choose the right partner who is neither your soulmate nor supported by your guardian spirits. If so, your and your partner’s guardian spirits and deities might have not supported your marriage. If so, your divorce is the effect which wrong choice of partners caused. Therefore, your divorce is highly likely destined when you chose the wrong partner. 

Even if you didn’t rush to get married, or if you choose a partner with occupation and income, it may fit in a category of destined divorce. 

[Self-diagnosis] Are you a person who becomes happier if you remain in your marriage?

Characteristics of people who become happier if you remain in your marriage

  1. They encountered each other by coincidence or by chance when they were single. Even after that, multiple synchronicities allowed them to get married. 
  2. You didn’t choose your married partner by social status. 
  3. Your children seem to feel excessive stress after saying that their parents are divorcing. Or they show an opposing position.
  4. You can’t find a lawyer.
  5. You feel like having a new partner as soon as after divorce. 
  6. I don’t admit I may have made a mistake in choosing my partner and in a relationship.
  7. I don’t have a clear vision after divorce.

If many of the above seven characteristics fit you, you should remain in your marriage. Because you are more likely to be happy with marriage than divorce. 

Especially, if you fit to the (1) and (2), your marriage is highly likely a destined mariage. It means that your partner is your destined partner so called “soulmate” and vice versa.  If the destined marriage couple go through divorce, their guardian spirits and deities will try to play a role as deterrent. Therefore, if such a couple consent to divorce against their deterrent power, they will grow more unhappy as the years go by.

Even if you don’t fit into No 1 and 2, your partner is not your soulmate. However, if you fit to No ④ “It is difficult to find a lawyer” or No ⑦ ”You don’t have any clear vision after divorce.”, these are the deterrent power by your guardian spirits and deities. 

Therefore, taking the path to keep the state of being husband and wife will be a wise choice.

Another important key factor in the decision of divorce is your children. If you have children, please carefully observe them from an objective perspective. 

If your children fit to No ③, I won’t recommend divorce. Because it shows that your children have a mission to maintain the knot you tied. Unless you divorce, they are likely to be mentally down due to loss of their mission. On the contrary, if you stay married, they will fulfil their mission so that your marriage will grow happier. 

Pay attention to what your children say! 

Your children are projection of your inner self and your partner’s. Therefore, your children’s comments in everyday conversations are filled with various clues to find  love covered with mud. Even if your child is small, why don’t you ask them about their impressions of your partner, such as, “How is your mommy or daddy?” The answer might be the voice of God.

Whether you are destined for divorce is already decided when you get married.

I think that some of you might have already sensed a root cause of divorce, if you are patient to read to this point with spiritual curiosity. Yes, the root cause of the divorce lies in marriage. 

Therefore, from here, I will further explain the spiritual relationship between divorce and marriage. In a nutshell, to understand why you divorce, you need to comprehend   what marriage is.

To whom to get married will dramatically and spiritually change your destiny. Marriage can be broadly classified into three types in this meaning. 

  1. Marriage with your soulmate (marriage by destiny)
  2. Marriage guided by a guardian spirit (marriage by destiny)
  3. Marriage not guided by a guardian spirit (marriage different from destiny)

These are the three above. Most marriage patterns fall into ② and ③.

Most people will imagine a soulmate or twin flame who have been connected since previous life when you hear of a destined marriage. However, this is an extremely rare case.

Let me explain it.

①Marriage with your soulmate or twin flame which is a super rare case

If people get married to their soulmate and have an unhappy marriage, they should stay in their marriage. Even if they are faced with a crisis of divorce. 

As I mentioned before, your marriage is a surprisingly rare case. 

Firstly, I will define what a soulmate is. The soulmate is someone you already spent time with in the same era and place in your previous life. If such people met in the next life, they would create a strong bond. Because your marriage has been arranged since you were born.

Who can arrange such a marriage? 

Only deities who are higher rank than guardian spirits can do such things. Therefore, I could say that such couples are difficult to end in divorce and they have a much higher possibility to be happier after maintaining their unhealthy relationship to be healthy by overcoming a crisis of divorce.

②Marriage guided by a guardian spirit.

This is similar to category 1. A couple in this category of marriage is also better to stay in their marriage despite a crisis of divorce. I will explain the difference between 1 and 2.

Unlike the case that your partner is a soulmate, your guardian plays a main role for your marriage. Everybody has a path to destiny. Your guardian spirits, basically, find some partners who seem better match your soul path and assist you to come across a partner in order to align your reality with your destined path. 

Because your marriage had been assisted with choosing partners and timing to meet each other by your guardian spirits. Their assistance highly likely creates an excellent match in marriage. Therefore, I also define such a partner as a destined partner.

The term “destined partners” generally does not have a clear definition. I refer to this term for a partner who meets either one of the two following conditions. The first is a “soulmate” and another is “a partner whose guardian assists in meeting you”.

By the way, you can find out whether or not your partner is destined through Miena’s private psychic reading session

Such couples will fit in category 1 and 2, they are more likely to be happier if they stay in their marriage after overcoming the crisis of divorce.

③Marriage not assisted by a guardian spirit

On the contrary, if you marry someone who is not guided by your guardian spirit, divorce will make you happier. 

People will get married even without assistance from their guardian spirits. Some people may feel bitterly disappointed after you reveal that your married partner isn’t the destined partner. But you don’t need to play emotional Yo-Yo.Because you have reasonable possibilities to be a greater couple than a destined couple after overcoming obstacles and surviving a crisis while maintaining your marital relationship with a NOT destined partner.

However, these couples will encounter various problems more often than the destined couples. Because you live with a partner who doesn’t suit your competence in the chaotic world without your guardian’s support. As a result, your environment will be rather harsh such as being filled with excessive stress or by any chance domestic violence.

In this chaotic environment it will consume much longer time to maintain a relationship than your endurance. Therefore, when you decide divorce is an important turning point. In a nutshell, it is a relative relation between your endurance and time until overcoming obstacles. If you understand it, divorce will make you happier in your life. 

I think the article below will give you some clues about ”Marriage with a NOT destined partner.”

Spiritual reasons why some people will become happier if they remain in a marriage after overcoming the crisis of divorce

In the spiritual world, where I connect to provide a psychic reading for my client, there is not only the law of nature but also the law of cause and effect. Therefore, the effect of the three kinds of marriage which I explained before is not only thinkable, but it is a necessary consequence of the assumption. 

As I mentioned before, people who will become happier if they decide against divorce are: the married couple are soulmates or they encountered each other and got married by guardian spirits.

The indispensable result of remaining in their marriage is to be happier. 

Therefore,  if such a couple divorces, their energy vibration will drop significantly, and the possibility of being happier will be so faint that they won’t encounter a suitable partner for a while. This is because they defied the law of cause and effect in the destined marriage. 

By this, they entered into another law of cause and effect which they divorced in defiance of heaven. The necessary consequence of Not destined divorce is to be unhappier.

Next, I would like to explain a little bit about children. As I briefly mentioned at the beginning, your child’s reaction will also be a criterion for determining whether or not the divorce is destined to happen.

There are two types of children in the spiritual way of thinking. 

  1. Children who were born with the mission to deepen the marital.
  2. Children who were born with the expectation that their parents will divorce.

Type 1 and their characteristics

They are exactly the children who hold marriages together. Of course, they might be willing to step in when their parents are in the middle of a marital quarrel. Because they were born with the mission to deepen marital bonding of their parents That is why deities in Heaven sent such a child to you. 

Therefore, if their parents faced the choice to divorce, they will be easily affected and mentally unstable. 

If your children behave this way, you got married to the right person who are either your soulmates or are assisted by their guardian spirits. For your child to fulfil his or her mission, I recommend that you reconsider divorce and do your best to strengthen your family ties. I believe that you can see this difficulty as your challenge. 

Type 2 and their characteristics

Unlike type 1, arguing parents is not likely to affect children deeply or badly. Even in the middle of arguing at home, they can maintain their good mood. Because instead of the mission to be a bond between their parents, they assumed that their parents will divorce in the near future.

Therefore, if your child acted like type 2, your divorce is highly likely planned when you got married. In other words, you chose a wrong person as your husband to spend rest of your life 

Spiritual reasons why some people will become happier if they divorce

Now I will reveal the last category of marriage, which is marriage which was not assisted by a guardian spirit.

According to the law of cause and effect, the indispensable future scenario of this marriage is that they will be far from happiness. That was why your guardian spirits didn’t assist your marriage. 

For this reason, your guardian spirits and deities will not assist the relationship between husband and wife. Without their support, emotional tangles and differences in values gradually break their relationship. 

For such couples, the action of divorce does break the law of cause and effect in which marriage brings unhappiness. As a result, their energy vibrations will rise, and positive high vibrations start bringing them luck.

They entered into another law of cause and effect which they divorced in favour of their guardian spirits and deities. The necessary consequence of a destined divorce is to be happier. 

In a nutshell, the people who will be happier if they divorce are the ones who were destined to divorce when they chose wrong partners to get married. 

What is marriage?

I started explaining that there is a spiritual force on whether or not people divorce and am about to conclude it is caused by marriage.  

Before arriving at a conclusion, I would like to introduce my perspective on what marriage is. 

This is my definition of marriage.

Marriage is a custom and culture that human beings have built in order to increase their chances of survival and bring prosperity to their descendants in a harsh natural environment. 

For thousands of years, we have established a law of marriage in various cultures. The marriage system guarantees us a safe and secure life, where we can live and cooperate with the person we love. 

However, In the spiritual world, it is true that the “marriage system” is not the ultimate solution for a secure, happy life.

In that sense, the system of “marriage” might not exist in highly advanced civilizations. Even if there were a highly evolved alien civilization somewhere in vast space, would the concept of “marriage” exist in that civilization? I don’t think it would exist.

I believe that a fully evolved civilization must be an environment where you have more freedom and can grow more. Therefore, it might be natural to be together when they want to be together and to separate when they don’t want to be together. 

At first glance, you may feel lonely, but the world in which we live is also based on this law of nature. People leave a relationship when they can no longer “learn” from the person they have a relationship with.

A time when “marriage” is falling out from the conventional fashion

According to the latest national census, “approximately one in four 50-year-old men in Japan has never been married.” It appears that one in seven women has never been married.

I think this trend will accelerate and the day may come when people won’t judge on conventional values, such as having children without getting married, especially Japan where I live.

This is because advanced technology and science have changed our living environment much safer and securer than the era when the concept of marriage was first formulated and this transformation might slowly discharge us from the moral obligation of marriage. Therefore, from a spiritual perspective, marriage is one of choices. 

If you think like this, you can think far more positively about divorce from a different perspective.

Think far more positively about divorce

The primary purpose of marriage is to raise children in a safe and secure environment called family. Through this experience, a married couple as a member of the family starts understanding the meaning of better life and practising it in their marriage. In this sense, I will define that marriage” is aimed at living a better life.

However, “living better” is different from the true purpose of living. Therefore, once you understand and practise a better life through having family and raising children, you might see another purpose of your life. In other words, humans were not born into this world with the ultimate goal of marriage.

I will repeat it again. Human beings were not born into this world with the goal which they live better. Even if we live better, we have not found the purpose of our life. Because we still fit into the category of personal realisation. It often involves understanding oneself, discovering one’s values, and achieving personal growth. We must go beyond this level to find the real purpose of our life. It is subjective and contributes to society. You can set off on a personal journey only after self realisation.

Lastly, I would like to share my personal insight from having experienced spiritual visions of about 1000 people. Brantly, most guardian spirits and deities in Heaven didn’t agree to divorce.

Of course, not all psychic consultations were about marriage and divorce, but most of these consultations, my clientele are married to the right partners. In other words, their guardian spirits understood their chemistry and helped them to encounter and supported them to get married. 

Good chemistry can certainly enhance a romantic relationship, fostering a strong connection and understanding between individuals. They are already in soils where their love can grow, or perhaps, the roots are already being laid down.  

However, love is a complex emotion influenced by various factors, including communication, shared values, and mutual respect.  Chemistry alone may not sustain a lasting, meaningful relationship. Therefore, slightly different preferences in their life can trigger divorce. 

Before such couples decide to divorce, they must change their minds not to focus on the differences so that they can recognize their love that has already been rooted in the soil. I think that their love has not yet sprouted on the ground. Once you have courage to change yourself, you can glance at a sprout of your love flourish from different perspective.  

This is the reason why most guardian spirits and deities in Heaven didn’t agree to divorce. They give you a chance to see opportunities where others see obstacles.

If you are considering divorce, please use Miena’s private sessions. You can find out whether your marriage partner is your soulmate through psychic reading.

I don’t think it’s still too late to make a decision.